What is the mech mod?


What is a mech mod?

  1. A mech mod use of the fully metal structure of the electronic cigarette power supply device.
  2. A mech mod is usually a cylinder.


What is the mech mod? The 101 on Mech Mods.

The top 510 interface can be divided into two types:

  1. The top of the 510 interface directly connected to the battery cathode type: it has no connector at the top 510 interface. After the nebulizer is installed, the positive contact on the bottom of the nebulizer will contact the positive side of the battery directly.
    The advantage of this structure is to reduce the power loss so that the mechanical output of the mechanical rod more smoothly and significantly reduce its length.
  2. The top of the non-direct contact with the battery cathode type: it is usually the top of the 510 interface is usually attached to the conductive connection. After installing the atomizer, connect the conductive connection and connect the battery positive via the connector.
    The advantage of this structure is improved safety and compatibility is better. Able to adapt to the bottom of the elastic electrode of the atomizer, reducing the occurrence of short circuit conditions.


What is the mech mod? The 101 on Mech Mods.

The original mech mod material uses red copper or brass. The past two years also emerged a lot of use of other materials, mech mods, such as space aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, sterling silver and so on.

The use of different materials directly related to the use of mech mod effect. Because the conductive properties of various metal materials are different, the material with high resistance will cause the loss when the current passes.

A simple sort of the electrical conductivity of the metal:

  1. Silver
  2. Copper
  3. Brass
  4. Aluminum
  5. Stainless steel
  6. Titanium alloy

So the conductive properties of the material can play as much as possible to the heating wire, leaving a waste of energy on the shaft to minimize.


What is the mech mod? The 101 on Mech Mods.

Mech mod by the diameter can be divided into 22mm, 24mm, 29mm, 32mm. The most common are the diameter of 22mm and 24mm diameter.
Players in the purchase of mechanical rods should be selected with the nebulizer matching diameter, otherwise, there may be some embarrassing things.
The overall appearance of the mechanical rod is very rich. There are hollow, shell twisted, painted, slender, sleeves can be replaced, the resin tube sets, and so on. A nice look will keep the player from buying.

How to choose a good mech mod?

What is the mech mod? The 101 on Mech Mods.

The structure of the mech mod can be said to be very simple, but one thing is the most test manufacturing process, and that is the bottom of this mechanical lever switch button.
A mech mod at the bottom of the key manufacturing process is also a measure of this mech mod is one of the keys to good or bad, its structural design and manufacturing process is related to the safety of this mech mod and the use of comfort.

A good switch design has the following features:

  1. With self-locking mechanism (or recessed design)
  2. Flexible and comfortable, with battery adaptive spring
  3. The battery negative contacts are wide and smooth and rounded
  4. Battery compartment internal insulation design
  5. Pressure relief hole design
  6. Easy to disassemble

What is the mech mod bomb?

The battery will boil before the battery begins to explode. So produce a lot of gas eruption and a small part of the arc and sparks. With the battery internal pressure to further increase the eruption rate can not keep up with the internal pressure growth, resulting in an explosion.

What is the pressure relief hole?

What is the mech mod? The 101 on Mech Mods.

If there is a precursor to the battery explosion, the well-sealed mech mod will increase the battery pressure accumulation rate so that the explosion time ahead. The function of the relief hole is to discharge the gas released by the battery, delay the battery explosion time, give the user to avoid the dangerous time.
Insulation in the battery compartment can be used to avoid the user when the battery accidentally broke the use of risk.


How about the experience of the mech mod?

What is the mech mod? The 101 on Mech Mods.

We will often say that the mech mod violence. But the actual situation is not true? If a few years ago to say so, then it is correct.

Once the variable voltage device power output can only reach 40W or so is also very expensive

Mech mod power is based on the battery voltage and heating coil resistance to determine the value.

For example: If you use full 18650 battery, the resistance value of 0.2Ω case. The output power will be directly up to 88W. This was a very exaggerated data at the time.

And today variable voltage device has been able to do 200W and cheap.

So what is the beauty of mech mod now?

Why do many people buy?

Output power to meet the demand.

The most important thing is to use mech mod is a very cool thing

What is the mech mod? The 101 on Mech Mods.


Mech mod has always been marked by the old player’s exclusive label. But as a novice to use mech mod, you need to have a full understanding of it. In the mech mod working principle with the most basic understanding, we can safely use mech mod. In this also gave the new one: “The explosion is always the battery, not mech mod.”

Buy mech mod:

First look at the material, the lower the better resistance.

Followed by the switch, switch work is excellent, whether the operation is easy and easy.

The third depends on the safety of the switch, whether it is easy to touch.

Finally, look at the relief hole and the internal insulation configuration is complete.

If a mechanical pole has all the advantages above, it would be a very safe and violent mech mod.

Enjoy it.

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