Many friends like the pole shape of the electronic cigarette equipment. In the era of KFLP, a P3 regulator bar is simply astronomical plaything. Now the type and form of electronic cigarette equipment flourishing, today for everyone to share a fool from TESLACIGS pole, is a starter package – MACAN 90W KIT.

A white bucket box. Inside the package is equipped with atomizer and rod manual. MACAN is a 24MM diameter “fool.” Use the time as long as the use of key ignition.

H8 MINI TANK is a set of the finished nebulizer, also equipped with E4 and F2 two atomization core.
H8 is a top quick oiling design of the atomizer.

MINI version only 2ML capacity, from the upper part of the rapid filling can improve this ability of small shortcomings. Atomization core to the distance between the nozzle is little, smoke a little hot, you can achieve an apparent direct reduction of smoke and oil capacity.

Silver-plated electrode 510 interface, the bottom of a “tiger” logo totem and marked “support 0.1 ohms”. Three pressure relief holes act as heat dissipation. Stainless steel wire drawing surface of the body, the visible external USB charging port and acrylic translucent LED switch/ignition switch.

The bottom of the rotation can open the battery cover, MACAN is a need 18650 battery products, from the internal visible rod and battery cover are used in the insulation package, novice use of high safety factor. The top of the acrylic switch/ignition switch, in the battery failure, atomizer short circuit, low power when the lights will flash feedback information, see the manual.

MACAN is easy to use. Users only need three steps:

  1. Open the oiling
  2. Insert the battery
  3. boot

You can enjoy the most convenient VAPE experience, it also has a short circuit protection and so on security settings, can be assured to use.

H8 MINI’s taste and the conventional version of H8 is not much difference, clear and direct smoke reduction capacity, but in the long pumping will be prone to nebulizer micro-hot, which is also limited to the atomizer itself compression sequelae. MACAN 90W this pole of the explosive power is perfect. You press the ignition button will be able to produce smoke, 90W maximum output of this pole with other atomizer is not too much bottleneck, the daily use is enough.

MACAN 90W continued TERMINATOR easy to use advantages, but this product’s pole shape will be targeted to capture part of the pole of the feelings of the user.

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