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Teslacigs INVADER2/3 Vape

Teslacigs INVADER 2 / 3 Review


Product introduction:

Teslacigs INVADER 2 / 3 is another product with higher output power launched by Teslacigs following Invader III. The user can choose to use 2 / 3 batteries and obtain different output power by adjusting the voltage of the potentiometer. The maximum output power is 240W / 360W. It is equipped with a LED light at the bottom, which allows you to better know the usage of the product. This product is suitable for users who like to use an atomizer with low resistance and cloud of vapor. It will bring you an unprecedented vaping experience.


Teslacigs its mechanical concept host a large number of products, we often known as the “oil drum” Teslacigs INVADER 2 / 3 (intruder three) the most familiar with the players, this host through a simple “pressure dial” to complete the control, for many high-entry Host newcomers to provide a different kind of concise choice, no longer need to ask the number of open “W” to be appropriate … …

teslacigs INVADER2/3 Vape

With the development of electronic smoke atomizer, more large diameter products began to be welcomed by the players, do not discuss the performance of the host, only in the appearance of the unilateral design has gradually revealed the need for adaptation. Recently Teslacigs released the intruder three follow-up model – INVADER2 / 3, to three, double power switch design for the user to bring a new “mechanical experience”, which is today to share the central content.

teslacigs INVADER2/3 Vape


Teslacigs INVADER 2 / 3 package contains a host (pre-installed three battery cover), double electric replacement battery cover, certificate, multi-language manual, work and gets on the texture of a more solid.teslacigs INVADER

2/3 of the follow-up sequence and did not use “4” is because of this generation of INVADER to the player 2 or 3 battery-free replacement design, and we know the RX2 / 3 is roughly the same battery set concept.

The high-power output of the host is generally in series design, and two, three of the battery to achieve the highest power after the series is not the same, Teslacigs this generation INVADER just for the players to provide an “enough” Of the autonomous power selection.

Three power and the double electric grip is necessarily different, you need to choose which form to use to accept that form of the shortcomings:

  1. three electrical power under the highest level of 360W (manual annotation), but the weight and size will be relatively large and heavy;
  2. double power mode power up to 240W (manual annotation), but the volume will be reduced, more portable.

Three electric battery cover can be installed and 18650 battery and through the positive and negative two contact points to the battery in series to the host of the two batteries, so that the entire power supply into a three-series, manufacturers intimate for the battery The cover was independently prepared with a battery disassembly auxiliary band.

Battery cover using a push-type installation design, this installation is relatively more common than the common magnetic more conducive to double, three “switch” stability, the battery compartment and the battery cover contacts can be seen, only such pressure Tight design to allow the host and the battery cover electrode link secure.

The battery cover to install the damping tight, you need to add a little effort to push the lid from the card slot to the inside, the overall link will not appear after the link gap.

The host is still a continuation of the “X” type of decorative elements, two carbon fiber veneer to the original low-key appearance also improved a grade, single ignition key and adjust the turntable simple concept, through the light flashing and color for the user to achieve information The role of communication.

INVADER2 / 3 Introduction Here, many of my friends should ask, “What is the difference between this and the former INVADER3?”

Minimum support for 0.1 ohms, such as 0.06 or 0.08 ultra-low resistance do not have to consider the use of this host, silver-plated electrode and 510 interfaces seem to Teslacigs conventional host products are no different.

If you talk about the previous generation INVADER3 use 24MM or more diameter atomizer appear embarrassment, this 2/3 is even more perfect coordination degree. The host of the ignition key with matte plastic large size, press the pressure feedback crisp, which is better than the previous generation experience.

Based on INVADER3 this street know the smell of the mechanical host has been available for a long time, INVADER2 / 3 operation and the former does not have any difference, especially the adjustment of the output of the turntable is also more similar.

In the use of the turntable only need to adjust from the low to high, to find their own output can be appropriate, and not too many complex operations, five consecutive clicks on the ignition key to achieving on/off these conventional routines.




  1. Power (three, dual battery) can be switched to meet the different needs.
  2. The overall design and the combination of large diameter atomizer more perfect.
  3. The same double power case, better than the previous control feel, thanks to the increase in ignition keys and the host of the line more in line with the grip man-machine.
  4. The appearance of more beautiful.


  • Brand: Teslacigs
  • Type: Electronic Cigarettes Accessories
  • Accessories type: MOD
  • Model: Invader 2 / 3
  • Material: Carbon Fiber, Zinc Alloy
  • Mod: VV/VW Mod
  • APV Mod Wattage Range: Over 200W
  • Battery Form Factor: 18650
  • Battery Quantity: 2 / 3pcs ( not included )
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