Teslacigs AIO 70W Starter Kit Review

Teslacigs AIO 70W Starter Kit Review 11

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Now the mainstream of electronic cigarette products have a good taste at the same time also need complex operations, the close cooperation of various components, I believe many people have eaten such a hard time, just enter the pit when Han do not know what finished nebulizer, Drip oil atomizer, oil atomizer, temperature control, pressure regulator, machinery, DIY atomizer core, see a loss, do not know how to start, so there are a lot of finished nebulizer rod . In order to change this situation, manufacturers also produced a lot of simple-to-use and easy-to-use all-in-one mainframes and suits, and Teslacigs, a leader in all-in-one device maker, produced Teslacigs for beginners in early 2017 AIO 70W Starter Kit, using a new structure and operation, let us take a look at the experience of this host it.


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Teslacigs traditional external carton package acrylic box way, open the paper box, through the acrylic box we can see the host fixed in the acrylic bracket. Remove the bracket and the host, open the small inner carton, you can see all the accessories of this host, and accessories are quite luxurious, namely atomized core X5, cotton X1, apron pack, battery warning card, Certificate of conformity, X2, and instructions.

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Look at the details of the accessories; the manufacturers wear two droppers, the dropper is not universal, which means that players have no way to replace their favorite dropper, this will affect the non-newcomer user experience, but also hope manufacturers Can be improved later.
Teslacigs AIO 70W Starter Kit Review 07Look at the part of the heating wire; the coil is the excellent conductor in other locations. The arrow at the end of the loop can be seen flatten; this approach is to remind manufacturers this period is up, although there are written instructions because it is English, Many players do not expect to pay attention to this detail.
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Fuselage and details, the fuselage with zinc alloy shell, the main body of the paint surface for the electroplating of metal paint the battery cover and fuselage top plating matte finish, excellent wear resistance, but poor scratch resistance. Machine weight 200g, the use of ergonomic design, comfortable grip, the grooves on both sides of the fuselage to increase the grip while also with the curvature of the battery cover increases the sense of science and technology body.
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Ignition button at the top of the fuselage, and power button at the bottom of the fuselage. Ignition button to use both positive and negative grip are more comfortable and adjust the button design is more embarrassing.A hand is inoperable, and When you forget the lock key can easily be triggered by the desktop protrusions.Some players like to use their thumbs when the fire like bending the little finger on the bottom of the fuselage to prevent the decline is also very easy to accidental touch, so after adjusting to the appropriate power Player lock adjustment button.
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Because it is a one-piece mainframe, we can see the oil tank through the open space above the mainframe. Machine cooling holes are very much in the bottom of the fuselage, battery cover, front, have done a heat treatment.
The screen display is also relatively simple, the left side of the power display. The bottom of the resistance and voltage display, the upper part of the power and mode display. At the top of the intake ring made of eight drop-shaped grooves to increase friction. At the same time intake ring also acts as the atomizer knob, the resistance is comfortable, the operation is very smooth.
The whole machine is the uniform gap, work well.But in the treatment of hollow body at the loss of standard, the left side of the tank appeared such a jagged edge, while the right there is a more significant gap.
The battery compartment part, the battery cover and the fuselage through the four rectangular strong magnets connected to the battery cover have thirty-one cooling holes, a sense of science and technology.Electrical brass cathode silver electrode, to minimize the resistance and reduce the loss Increase the current through rate, the battery compartment inside is very eye-catching marked positive and negative battery installation direction, reducing the novice error rate. The overall work beautiful, burr-free, lace, split evenly, the back cover and the body connection moderate intensity.Electrode flexibility is not bad, the installation and removal of the battery experience are better.

Operation method:

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  1. A 18650 high-speed battery into the AlO 70W body, press the ignition button five times in a row, boot (in fact, equal to lock the host).
  2. Shutdown: Press the ignition button five times in a row, shut down.
  3. Suction: Long press the fire button to start pumping, release the button to stop smoking.
  4. PowerLock / Unlock: Press and hold the fire button and the down button to lock/unlock your device
  5. Resistance Lock / Unlock: Press and hold the ignition and up buttons to lock/unlock the coil resistance. The resistance is closed when the lock mark is displayed.
  6. Select Ti / Ni / SS / NormalMode: Connect the temperature control coil to the device and press the ignition button. The screen will prompt “Temp Coil Select.” Use the up/down buttons to select the appropriate coil type. If using a new coil, press the UP button. If disconnected, reconnect the same nebulizer coil and select the down button. After the coil type selection, press the ignition button.
  7. Switch between mode types: To switch from power mode to thermostat mode, press the button five consecutive times to lock the unit. In Rock mode, press the up and down buttons to select the desired temperature. The temperature range is between 200F and 600F, or between 100C and 300C. Turn off the temperature control mode: adjust the temperature to 600F degrees, then press the up button once. The screen will show “OFF.”
  8. Adjust Power Options: Press the up / down buttons to adjust the wattage accordingly when the device is powered on. Wattage will be moved in; each increase is 0.5W. Long press the up or down button to quickly adjust the wattage.
  9. Bypass mode: select the power to 70W, press the up button again to switch the device to bypass method.
  10. Charging: Remove the 18650 battery from the device and charge the battery with the appropriate charging equipment.

Interface Tip:

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  1. Over Puffing Protection Over-voltage protection: the device will stop using the screen for more than 10 seconds after continuous suction for a long time !!
  2. LOW-Voltage Protection Low Voltage Protection: When the voltage/power is too low, the screen will show “LOW-Voltage.” Please charge the device.
  3. Atomizer Protection No Nebulizer Protection: No No Atomizer is displayed if no nebulizer is connected to the device.
  4. Atomizer Short Protection Nebulizer short circuit protection: The device has internal controls to prevent nebulizer shorts. In power mode, resistors below 0.1 ohms do not work. Temperature control mode with TI / Ni / ss316 coil, resistance less than 0.05 ohms does not work.
  5. Automatic Power Adjust Protection: Using the device at high wattage When the battery is in a low voltage/power state, the battery symbol will flash continuously, and the output power will be automatically adjusted to ensure safe and healthy use.


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This package does not include a 18650 battery or charger.
Please choose the right 18650 battery. The battery should discharge 30A or above.
Please read this manual carefully before use. We are not responsible for any deliberate damage or improper use.


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  1. Does not apply to pregnant or lactating women under 18 years of age or to people at risk of heart disease, depression or asthma.
  2. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.
  3. Do not attempt to repair the product yourself, as this may cause damage or personal injury.
  4. Do not place the product under high-temperature conditions. Otherwise, it may be damaged
  5. Do not use this product for other purposes, except Vaping, do not swallow electronic fluid
  6. This product may be harmful to health and contains addictive nicotine.
  7. For people who have an adverse reaction after using this product, it is recommended to use a tobacco oil whose nicotine content is low or nicotine-free.
    Well, to our hands-on experience of the operation, the anti-clockwise rotation of the inlet adjustment ring will be able to take out the atomized cabin, removed to see the structure of the fuselage inside the tank, the production is not bad, not There will be leakage phenomenon, but this arrangement involves a problem, the container cannot be washed with water, because the body is not waterproof, the author is using a cloth or paper towels into the reservoir stirring oil absorption.

By rotating the coil fixed on the top of the anti-pulley demolition of the atomization chamber, you can see the coil heating chamber and the whole picture of the atomizer, the atomizer using the top air intake structure, the bottom of the nozzle designed a metal Baffle, can effectively prevent the frying oil, the base also made a funnel-shaped structure, can make the condensate efficiently back to the tank. However, there will still be condensation at the drip nozzle deposition, the need for regular cleaning to prevent the condensate into the mouth. The company is located in:
The atomizer core to support the player to replace the guide cotton, the author uses Muji cotton pad to demonstrate the coil diameter of about 4.0mm, using the tweezers will be the original guide cotton clip out, select the appropriate thickness of cotton pad, Pull it loose, then gently roll it up, keep it loft, tip it with one end, push it into the coil, and when the tip of the oil-guiding cotton is visible on the other side, use your hand to guide it Oil cotton dragged into the loop can be.
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The guide cotton was pinched wholly pulled out to ensure that the internal cloth fluffy, the excess will be cut off, and then inserted into the base according to the direction of the heating coil, the drop in the heating end 3-4 drops of tobacco oil to speed up the core Speed, the lower part of the hollow can also be added through the smoke to improve core speed, after which you can add oil to the oil storage tank, it should be noted that the addition of the amount of tobacco do not exceed the arrow on the edge of the oil tank marked (The tank capacity at the mark is 4.5ml).

Wait about five minutes after you finish and start using it. This host is only the introduction of a material atomized core (the coil is not part of the heating conductive material is unknown, the heating wire part of the NI80 article), and the heating wire carbon deposition is not good, I tested using a heating gun heating wire To remove carbon deposition method, not easy to use, the heating wire will lose the original flexibility after heating in the process of loading cotton is accessible to over-stretch or compression coil.

Experience effect:

  1. Intake fully open, 70W power case, the larger the smoke, the performance of the mouth a little empty, lighter, sick sense of hierarchy, but the degree of reduction of the smoke or oil can be. The small air intake after the smoke was overheating.
  2. Intake air to open the case of 30,40 W power lung suction, strong suction resistance, the smoke is still considerable, the level of general, rich in general, the excellent degree of reduction. Intake closed to only 10%, the degree of concentration and sense of hierarchy have been some improvement, fullness.
  3. Into the air to open ten percent, 30W power case lung suction, suction resistance, smoke is not significant, good sense of hierarchy, smoke rich, the reasonable degree of reduction.

Recommend the use of 30W-40W below 30% of the intake air, to get a better taste experience. Great experience on the sizeable high-power smoke terrible.
In actual operation, due to the critical layout design, the process is not very smooth, the overall power with the heating wire and the host is not very good, you need to explore for some time their players.

Let’s talk about the problems and suggestions in practical use:

  1. Continue to smoke for some time after the device is the more severe fever.
  2. Because it is a single-host, battery life is miserable, the average daily use of two players need a battery.
  3. The consumption of cigarettes is also higher, filling the tank marked capacity 4.5ml, I use 4-5 hours that the bottom of the reservoir.
  4. Because elasticity fixes the heating wire, so in use will have a jump resistance phenomenon, it is recommended to use the player to do when the resistance lock.
  5. After applying for a period, the author found traces of electric corrosion on the negative pole of the heating wire (that is, the back of the bezel under the nozzle) for unknown reasons.
  6. Paint wear-resistant, but for hard objects, scratch resistance is not excellent.
  7. Fog core support for large smoke high power output is not very good, easy to follow the oil guide cannot keep producing paste core problem.
  8. For the time being, the only NI80 heating core is provided, which can be operated in a small space.
  9. fuselage tank hollow parts and the fuselage around the display details are not in place.
  10. In the drip at the extremely easy to produce condensate, the need for regular cleaning, to prevent inhalation.
  11. The machine does not have a USB socket, cannot charge and firmware upgrade.
  12. Manual for all foreign language version of the domestic players is very unfriendly, increasing the difficulty of use.


This one-of-a-kind host is suitable for novice friends who have a cessation and a need for smoke, both to get a good taste and to be able to work out some hands-on skills to prepare for future advancements, Resetting the atomizer core also extends the life of a single atomizer core and alleviates the player’s financial stress on the finished heart. For the old players is entirely unnecessary, playability is not high, can not be replaced atomizer, the DIY coil cannot be changed to taste and smoke experience is a relatively large problem, of course, this host is for novice friends of.

I feel from this host Teslacigs company chess in the next game, positioning the electronic cigarette products for players and novice class, as previously released several atomizers, more players prefer to use, and this The host is produced for novice players who need it. Teslacigs has always been a company that dares to try, and from the existing functionality and supportable accessories on the mainframe, they seem to be redefining the finished nebulizer. Other accessories for this console have not been released yet. In the future, There may be a replaceable nebulizer that uses either side air intake or even bottom air intake. There are so many things that can be adjusted on this mainframe, let’s look forward to the future development of this new structure of the mainframe.

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