E-cigarette novice must have to learn the knowledge


E-cigarette novice entry must understand the 14 knowledge pointsE-cigarette novice must have to learn the knowledge
1. How should you start using electronic cigarettes?

Before entering the family of electronic cigarettes. We recommend you to the knowledge of electronic cigarettes in detail and carefully read this post every line.
We encountered too many novice players complained to buy the wrong, buy expensive, was created, and knew that do not buy this and so on. This is before the use of electronic cigarettes, there is no good learning related knowledge.
Of course, if you are rich, please ignore this proposal. Only with the non-stop to buy just fine.

2. How does the novice choose an electronic cigarette?

If you have decided to use electronic cigarettes, we recommend that you start with a regulated electronic cigarette. The safety of these devices is the highest, and there is a short circuit protection function.
The mechanical mod relative to the novice, there is no short circuit protection and voltage regulator function, coupled with good and bad businessmen, they do not recommend you do not use the mechanical mod.
Security is the most important.

3. How to distinguish the quality of electronic cigarettes?

Many novice players will raise such a problem, A good, B good, A and B in the end which is good?
Electronic cigarette brand is very much, there are a variety of different models, each person is not the same.
No one is sure to decide the final choice for you. More of their own learning and then choose the big manufacturers of popular products are the safe approach.
Even if you feel less suitable for their own use, it will be a very good equipment, you can also be convenient to sell to other players in eBay.

4. What is the difference between electronic cigarette and smoking?

In addition to the use of traditional methods of smoking cigarettes, there is direct use of lungs method.
Traditional cigarettes composition is more complex, inhalation oral too stimulating, so can not use this method of smoking.
But even if no other way, with traditional smoking methods, is also a good choice.

5. What is MOD?

MOD full name is Modification, it comes from the computer game enhancement program.
It can be understood that there are many combinations of electronic cigarette in the accessories, such as stainless steel warehouse, acrylic warehouse, ceramic base and so on.
Anything that can be applied to the nebulizer or functionally changes is called MOD.
Say something simple, similar to car modification. This is also the development of electronic cigarettes to date as part of the charm.

6. What is the classification of electronic cigarettes?

Electronic cigarette from birth to development experienced three major stages.
The first stage is the earliest battery-type electronic cigarette, due to low heat, smoke and other reasons not to wait, and now has withdrawn from the mainstream.
The second stage is the EGO stage, the real can be stored in the electronic cigarette was born, is an important change in the history of electronic cigarette. It makes it possible for electronic cigarettes to replace traditional cigarettes.
The third stage, finished product atomizer (EGO), oil storage atomizer and drip atomizer coexistence of the times. And a variety of electronic cigarette-related play is endless, mechanical rod, electronic pole, around the wire, big smoke and so on.

At present, the electronic cigarette is a new life period, so there are some laws of the vacuum zone. We hope to share with you the wonderful electronic cigarette, rather than those unpleasant to bring you the damage.

E-cigarette novice entry must understand the 14 knowledge points

7. Is there any harmful smoke from electronic cigarettes?

The smoke of the electronic cigarette is completely different from the smoke of the cigarette.
The cigarette smoke is liquid and the smoke of the cigarette is solid. The smoke of the electronic cigarette is more similar to the state of the water vapor.
Although the smoke of electronic cigarettes has never caused harm to others. But we also believe that any time to cause trouble to others are impolite, so people and people should respect each other. Use electronic cigarettes where you can smoke.

8. Does the electronic cigarette make the body have a pungent smell?

Once the players have reflected the smell of smoke, it is because the smoke atomization is not complete, or other equipment installed improper oil spill caused.

Even if the cigarette smoke a day, the body will not have a sense of disgusting.

But we recommend the excellent quality of the smoke, low-grade smoke, although cheap, but the health can not buy the money.

9. How much does it cost to use the e-cigarette?

From the consumer point of view, electronic cigarette equipment is more like a one-time investment after the continued small-scale investment.
If you are a fan, keep adding other equipment or you only use high-end E-liquids, then you need a lot of money. But we have to see the good side it is really more environmentally friendly than traditional cigarettes.

10. How does electronic cigarette work?

The current in the battery makes the electric wire instantaneously short. The high temperature generated by the short wire of the electric wire will vaporize the smoke into smoke. Finally, suck in the mouth inside.

11. Can you have electronic cigarettes in public places?

There is no legal express provision for public places not allowed to use electronic cigarettes. But the public opinion for the current electronic cigarette is not clear. In order not to add to the people around the psychological burden, please try not to use electronic cigarettes in public places.
If you really want to show the spirit of the smoke needs, please participate in the meeting of electronic smoke friends. Where no one will take you as a monster because there are all big monsters.

12. Are electronic cigarettes helpful for smoking cessation?

The withdrawal of the addiction mainly relies on the will of the individual. If you will be strong enough, you can not smoke any smoke.
Electronic cigarette products are more like a kind of cessation period of the alternatives, for your quit smoking on the road to provide some supporting role. There are players do not like electronic cigarettes to re-smoke, there are players slowly leave the cigarette. According to our observation, more and more friends have been smoking for a long time.
So we do not think that if you really quit smoking, is the credit of electronic cigarettes. It is only the result of your own efforts.

13. Is there nicotine in the electronic cigarette?

All the oil products will be marked on the description of the content of nicotine. If you initially choose to use tobacco products that do not contain nicotine at all, the withdrawal reaction may be very strong.
There are a lot of players choose no nicotine products, play also very enjoyable. At the beginning of the beginning of smoking cessation, you should choose nicotine content of relatively high smoke, such as 18MG, and then slowly transition to 12MG, 6MG, 3MG, 0MG, at the time of purchase can directly consult the business content. If you finally throw away the cigarettes, we are really happy for you.

14. What is the feeling of electronic cigarette?

The feeling of smoking cigarettes with the feeling of smoke is completely different, electronic cigarettes do not have a strong sense of cigarettes to stimulate the feeling, very their own style. It may be softer, if you are smoking is relatively large, or like to smoke poor quality of tobacco players, the feeling of electronic cigarettes may make you very disappointed because the cigarette smoke and tobacco taste are different from traditional tobacco.

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