Merlin Mini RTA Review

Merlin Mini RTA


Do not know friends have not found that a variety of inflatable warehouse and other products based on the development of the surrounding itself began to appear in the atomizer structural design bottleneck period; the major brands seem to find a different kind of fun.

Today, a share of accessories from AUGVAPE, based on the brand under the hot product MERLIN MINI RTA and the development of the second design accessories, this fixture is different from our current capacity of the warehouse, nozzle, etc., it can be used with the product itself The use of nature completely changed …

Armor is AUGVAPE MERLIN MINI RTA designed and developed for the RDA cover, then that you need to have MERLIN MINI RTA ontology to use this accessory, but do not know the manufacturers in the later will not directly launch a separate purchase of the base, or Directly to MERLIN MINI RDA supporting version.

In addition to spare seals, 510 nozzle adapter, the support of this armor is simple; the cover body is equipped with a transfer of metal ring. This metal removal is significant; it is RTA into RDA only link parts.

A standard 810 lung suction nozzle, the nozzle of the internal groove with hollow, when used in the condensation can stay in this position, of course, even if the condensate control no matter how good the nozzle, the use of a period after the proposed Clean the paper towel.

From this point of view can see the installation of the adapter ring to use, double, a gradient of the two seals to protect the cover of the link firmly, by rotating the original link RTA cable, so that the RTA transformed into an RDA, the design is simple but very smart.

This piece of cover is not just the meaning of “transfiguration,” the emergence of armor MERLIN MINI completely into a more use of an atomizer, through the base of the sharing, you can use the form of RDA, Replace the cover directly into the original RTA storage tank.

After the use of armor, the space of the entire aerosol warehouse will be larger than the RTA form, so MERLIN MINI in the use of armor to get a better wire diameter compatibility, if you utilized in the past 22G wire will feel the smoke is too hot, then Now replace the shield and then use that set of data will find a different surprise.

However, because the armor and RTA base with the establishment of the availability, but after all, this station is not designed for the RDA structure, relatively standard RDA support of its oil storage is short board, so try not to use large fuel consumption data Effectively improve this.

The original MERLIN MINI two sets of electrodes to double the wire is more practical, double-made base of the double-column design, the base space interoperability, you can with this 810 large diameter nozzle no drip. But do not overdose the oil! Do not drop the oil! Do not cut the fat!

In fact, in the use of MERLIN MINI RTA, you will find its intake seems a bit too much, and now through the armor of the blessing, the entire base of the air intake better than the original use. You may wonder why a small piece of accessories can make the whole user experience so much change, but the design of the atomizer, often because of the subtle differences in the experience of the gap, which is why we can compete in the market To find homogeneous a piece of the product, you only love the reasons for several .

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