How to choose the first set of electronic cigarette device?

how to choose electronic cigarette

Electronic cigarette equipment is now a lot of types. If you do not have the knowledge base, you will be attracted by the advertising language of the business. And to buy those who sound a magical effect of high-level equipment.

After you decide to use the electronic cigarette will face a series of problems. Only after the analysis can you buy the appropriate electronic cigarette device.

The following will be a few simple to the problem of the choice of electronic cigarette device.

Quit smoking VS. Vape tricks VS. Tasty

Quit smoking
A hot regulator box and a Rebuildable Tank Atomizer can meet most of your needs.

There are a lot of professional for the smoke type equipment is also able to consider, they usually have a simple operation, easy to carry the characteristics, but the use of high cost. Such as Vape Pen.

Vape Tricks

High power regulator box and high intake air atomizer.


Small power portable regulator box with small intake nostalgic atomizer.

What is the type of atomizer?


The atomizer is divided into a finished atomizer and RBA atomizer.

Finished atomizer

Finished atomizer needs to use the finished product atomization core, its smoke effect and taste are very stable.
Utilization and replacement are basic, very suitable for novice and no time to make the use of atomized core crowd.

  1. It ‘s hard and time-consuming to reset the coil.
  2. The finished coil in the replacement of smoke and oil taste is easy to produce mixed with the taste of tobacco smoke.
  3. The price of finished product atomization core will increase the cost of electronic cigarette

RBA – rebuildable atomizer

RBA is divided into three types according to the structure:

RDA – Rebuildable dripping atomizer

RDA usually does not have an oil storage tank. It uses cotton to absorb smoke oil instead of oil storage function. RDA support DIY atomization core, making the coil. RDA smoke is huge, so RDA is often associated with big smoke. Of course big smoke is not the only RDA standard.
RDA is usually the simple structure, fewer accessories. Only contains three parts:
1. Drip tip
2. Outside the cover
3. base
RDA production is not involved, only in the manufacture of the coil than the other atomizer slightly more complex.
RDA brand, a wide range of shapes. According to the intake, method can be divided into
1. Bottom intake
2. Central intake
3. Top air intake
4. Mix the intake air

RTA – Rebuild tank atomizer

RTA refers to the tanker with a storage tank can be stored in the atomizer, can be divided into two categories: 1. finished oil storage atomizer: oil storage atomizer and large smoke storage atomizer
2. RBA oil type atomizer: taste oil DIY atomizer and large smoke storage DIY atomizer

RDTA – Rebuild drip tank atomizer

RDTA refers to the great oil mist atomization atomizer, large oil mist atomizer to drop the oil as the prototype, plus the function of oil storage. So RDTA is designed to want big smoke also want oil storage service. Large oil mist atomizer is divided into the bottom of the intake and the mean intake of two, the majority of the double-based base. There is a massive consumption, the amount of smoke is relatively large.

After a basic understanding of the atomizer. According to their circumstances to choose to buy an atomizer. Recommended those who are accessible to the wire, and high stability, not easy to oil, word of mouth better atomizer.

How to choose a power supply?


There are many types of power supply equipment.
Recommended the following three devices:

  1. Box Mod: A box-shaped modified individual atomizer, often referred to as a temperature control box; usually Box Mod wattage level is: 30-60 watts; 80-100 watts; 100-300 watts.
  2. Vape Pen: An electronic cigarette device with a slightly different shape ballpoint pen.
  3. Mechanical Mod: Common box-shaped or rod-shaped. Usually, the device lacks any electronic control chip, the battery, and the atomizer direct power. Belong to the structure of the most simple personal atomizer, but because of the lack of any security electronic control chip, users need to have some knowledge to use safely.

For all mechanical mod are not recommended for novice users. Because the need for strong professional knowledge to ensure safety.

In the rest of the equipment category, the simplest way is through the number of batteries as a measure. Usually, the number of cells can not only reflect the size of this host but also reflect its maximum power value. The greater the number of batteries used, the greater the weight of the host, the heavier the weight, the stronger the power.

Power supply equipment also needs to choose according to your needs, usually recommended at least dual battery configuration of the host, life, and power can meet the needs of daily use, and compatibility is higher.

Last question

Your budget.

The first use of electronic cigarettes is costly. There are many profiteers. So you need to understand their reliable brand, can not believe the business side of the words, see product evaluation and discussion with the players, through their thinking to decide how to choose.

The choice of the finished atomizer, then your main cost is e-liquid and Finished atomized core.
Popular host and finished atomizer price are not too expensive, about \( 100 can buy. Battery and charger overhead is about \) 30.

The choice of RBA atomizer requires these essential tools: wire rods, thread cutters, scissors, cotton, heating wire, tweezers. Specific prices are quality, estimated at around \( 40. The cost per reset of the atomizer is about \) 0.3.



If you are generous on the finished product atomizer, after all, worry and not time. Now the free range of finished atomizer is also more and more. If you have a small budget, then practice your skills, and you will get the good taste and wealth of experience after your efforts.

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