HotCig Rmini Review

HotCig Rmini

Seeing HotCig Rmini’s impression is a good product for smoking cessation. Its packaging is very delicate. So you have to open the package immediately using the impulse quickly.


Business style box will make people feel that there is a digital product. But we are concerned about the product itself; the packaging is not described in detail.


Appearance with the matte finish. The size of the machine is not small. After all, it is an embedded atomizer product. The factory extension 510 is preinstalled on the central unit. You can use the unloading tool in the spare kit to remove the 510 extension fitting.


Box Mod on both sides of the acrylic panel can be replaced. You can buy the shell or resin surface of the senior veneer on the official platform. To meet the individual needs of different customers.

From this point of view, it can be seen in the atomizer installation location has an intake adjustment ring. It can adjust the range, support mouth, and light lung suction. When the atomizer is installed, it will follow the rotation. So every time you connect the atomizer, you need to adjust it once again manually.

Use gold-plated link electrodes. 510 small caliber nozzle with the top of the oil design. The overall work inside the box mod is excellent. The three structures of the nose are clear. The atomizer in addition to the nozzle with the oil cover, the remaining cap is the atomizer out of the box mod of the only force point.

There are two ways to install the baffle:

  1. Pair with the atomizer position. Can directly see the remaining smoke and intake routes. Adjustable intake air range.
  2. Two pieces of baffle interchangeable position. The hollow window is paired with the display to view the data in the screen visually. Adjustable intake air range is small.

Zinc alloy material host after installation of the battery and atomizer slightly heavier. 510 interface in the use of a period after a small amount of condensation.
This 65W power small box mod has been able to meet the daily needs.


The atomizer has a simple structure, using the same atomization core as its Smart atomizer, preloaded by 0.8 ohms, The atomization core of this embedded atomizer is minimal, the flue is very long, using 0.8 ohm base for light lungs, and there is no surprise place, long pipe on the entire taste reduction has a more significant impact.

If the first replacement of cigarettes, I feel this atomizer is not friendly. Although its resistance to an extensive range of adjustable, but the design positioning in the broad range of applications, the lack of some personality. If you use it as a substitute for cigarettes, you need some time to adapt.

The corner of the host corner of the paint is more visible, the use of a week after the box mod around the falling paint.


Although the host has 510 extended accessories, compatible with the external nebulizer. But I think there is not much to do. If only a single electrical equipment, Rmini volume, and weight is no advantage. In the embedded atomizer mode, the need for greater resistance to the need to give up the display of the visual view. Be perceived to present the visual display on the need to abandon the suction adjustment range. User experience is not okay.

The impression of a product is subjective; no one can get the only idea to achieve the objective. It is unclear whether HotCig’s design of this Rmini is intended for use as a substitute for cigarettes. After the experience, it does not feel that Rmini has a pleasant surprise for the smoke and that the quality of the product has just passed. Taste performance entirely satisfactory.
So according to our evaluation, do not recommend you buy HotCig Rmini.


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