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Mechanical bar safety has always been a concern of players, especially the novice players are most concerned about the issue. The high price of original automated equipment is also hindered novice players to start the primary factor, then released CoilART this novice to use the Master black robot pole set.


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CoilART traditional style packaging, anti-counterfeit verification stickers on the back of the box, open the bag, the internal is fully wrapped sponge pole package, the detailed configuration list: black mechanical rod × 1, MAGE RDA (black) atomizer × 1, Accessories package × 1 (built-in apron × 3, spare screws × 4, forced ring * 1), screwdriver × 1, warning card × 1, indicating card × 1.


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** Set appearance **
Installed on the nebulizer sense of unity, the overall black matte finish spray paint, in front of the shaft CoilART LOGO copper qualities, the whole seam evenly. The top atomizer is made of brass; the atomizer base is not entirely covered by the atomization chamber, exposing a base part of about 1mm, so that it adds a dazzling golden color to the dark red-black color.
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** Atomizer appearance **
Mechanical rod appearance: the top electrode engraved with DESIGNED BY COILART IN CALIFORNIA he and MAGE words, through the 510 interface. When the bottom switch is open, you can see the copper material inside the switch.
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The whole pole only the bottom switch assembly can be removed.
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510 interface for the positive atomizer and the battery positive straight-through type, the letters around the explicit characterization, the interface within the ladder-like processing, the battery positive can not directly contact the shaft.
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Insulating sleeves are installed inside the shaft to reduce the risk of battery rupture, which is arguably essential to novice friends.
Switch section contrast resin made a lot of changes.
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  1. The bottom of the insulation from rubber ring to spring insulation film, spring insulation film is not removable design.
  2. Used to secure the battery inside the shaft, so that the battery will not shake
  3. Also, connect the positive terminal of the battery to the positive terminal of the nebulizer
  4. Eliminate the possibility of switching the negative terminal to the negative terminal of the battery when not in use.
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The contact between the switch electrode and the battery is changed from silver-nickel alloy to copper, and the circular protrusion at the arrow is detachable structure, which can enhance the power of switch rebound when ignition operation.
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** WARNING: However, due to the looseness of the part, it will rotate if there is frequent jitter if unscrewed. If the element is extracted enough, this may result in the direct connection to the battery negative, looping, mechanical lever Start work, so it is recommended to tighten this part. **
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Open the switch to turn the bottom of the switch, which also dramatically avoids the possibility of accidental touch when the danger of carrying.
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Switch after the decomposition of the structure is relatively simple, the electrode, the switch assembly shell, two strong magnets, switch base composed.
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The internal structure of the switch did not change much, but the magnet and pressure relief hole site made a change from the resin was the triangular layout of the six intake to three, broaden the aperture, and the bottom of the magnet also consists of three attractions Combination of a replacement for a more substantial magnet.
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The switch works as shown in the figure, the same pole repulsion by the magnet so that the switch has enough resilience, and switch the trip by the bottom of the switch into the length of the decision.


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The paint finish of this device is superb, fingerprinting, non-slip and sweat resistant, and offers excellent hardness and abrasion resistance.

Excellent safety precludes many possible accidents, such as battery crusting, accidental ignition for a long time, and so on.
The bottom of the whole plane ignition switch is also very easy to use, no matter what fingering can be very comfortable to complete the ignition operation.

Precautions for use

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1. It is best to lock the ignition switch when not in use.
2. Do not remove the bottom elastic switch when the nebulizer is installed, which may lead to the negative electrode directly connected to the battery negative, dangerous.
3. In the event of auto-ignition phenomenon, immediately remove the battery, check the switch assembly is loose.
4. When the abnormal shaft fever, please quickly remove the battery or remove the nebulizer.
5. When disassembling the switch assembly, be careful that the magnet is detached. As the magnetism is high, it may be sucked to another attraction at high speed, resulting in the fragmentation of the magnet.
6. Although the internal already has insulation sleeve, the top of the battery around the broken skin is still dangerous, so it is recommended not to use a broken battery.
7. Try to use high-capacity genuine brand 18650 cell (such as LG, Samsung, SONY, etc.).

** RECOMMENDATION: Please do not ride the ignition lever loosening the hand, will cause the switch electrode connection thread to loosen entirely due for too long time. **

Found problems and solutions

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Fogging chamber air inlet with a little paint inside, due to the larger particles, the opening of the atomization cover will have the phenomenon of stuck apron game player just need to clear the internal paint particles can be used.
The bottom switch may be due to the operation of the finger rotation, require the player to pay more attention to avoid the complete rotation.
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Some details of the paint finish are not in place; there are many scattered paint spatter cracks.


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This pole set is positioned as a novice suit with a high color value and a high level of safety. It also works well with all types of atomizers and provides a very comfortable ignition operation. Of course, the details of the treatment is somewhat inadequate, but its excellent price/performance is enough to offset these shortcomings.

CoilART released a series of mechanical equipment, and the price is low. Hope CoilART more cost-effective products. For the automated machine, we play the culture is the “faith,” after all, in the history of the development of electronic cigarettes wiped out a lot, just like the ZIPPO lighter, its function and not particularly prominent, but The existence of this form is historical in itself.

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