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CoilART Master, This brand must have been familiar with all of them, and their recent products are boiling, whether it is DPRO RDA atomizer or Azeroth bottom oiling box, the degree of concern is very impressive. And now there is no official sale of the product left this DPRO suit, which is the highest degree of attention is one of the DPRO 133 semi-mechanical parallel boxes.

A project version, so that everyone preview



The overall style of the packaging is the traditional style of the jacket packaging heaven and earth cartons (anti-counterfeit labels affixed to the back of the jacket), from the size of the packaging to know a lot of goods inside, and we look at the contents of the list: DPRO RDA x 1 (with PEI insulation gasket), DPRO 133 x 1, accessory kit x 1, finished coil package x 1, hex wrench x 1, warning card x 1, certificate x 1.



This time the DPRO 133 suit produced a total of two colors, namely red and black, the top and bottom are pearl gun color (the hands of the engineering version, so it is the black gun), the middle is red or black. The center of the aluminum alloy oxidation, while the upper and lower part is zinc alloy plating, paint firmness is right.

The appearance of the host as a whole show low-latitude matte black, the top and the bottom of the board shape symmetrical, and dark gold (the official known as the gun black) of the color plate surface is also very much commensurate with the main board. Subject size: 84.5 (high) x 44 (long) x 28 (full) mm, rounded corners with matte touch to make grip feel very delicate and comfortable.

As the purest semi-mechanical host, DPRO 133 in addition to the side of the ignition switch, there is no other key/potentiometer, and the operation to do the most simple. At the top of the host, there is a power monitor and a 510 interface, while the bottom is a clamshell battery compartment cover.



The top of the host 510 interface scraper diameter of 15mm.

You will see the picture in the upper right corner of the host paint is damaged, do not worry, broken is not a coating.

The side of the host in addition to the left side of the ignition button printed on the left side of the Master LOGO no other things, the front has also said that the central black body is the use of aluminum alloy oxidation process, and aluminum alloy surface treatment of oxidation Whether it is in touch, or wear resistance, no doubt is excellent.

Host, the bottom of the battery cover, is printed with the hostname and the design by the Master of the English words, the battery cover, and the fuselage gap uniform, no apparent flaws, work is outstanding.

And because the DPRO atomizer zipper has written two related content, this article will no longer say, the zipper will be released at the end of the link, interested friends can click to watch.

Open the battery compartment, you can see on the battery cover T-type gold-plated negative parallel connection plate, in the extension of the connection plate is the circuit connected contacts, and when the battery cover closed, the expansion and the body of the harmful touchPoint combined to form a complete loop. And in the connection plate and the inside of the battery cover can see a clear negative mark, to avoid the player to reverse the battery.

Battery compartment for the whole insulation design, try to avoid the risk caused by defective batteries.

The bottom of the battery cover closed after the pop-up gap in the same type of host is tiny, only 0.2mm, or very good.

Performance and experience


This DPRO133 is purely semi-mechanical parallel host, the output mode is naturally the most direct battery voltage output, without any voltage adjustment function. Then the ignition speed and the speed of the outbreak is extremely fast, the ignition effect directly to see it
PS: The above data for the general data (Kang Taier A1 heating wire, 0.6 diameters, 3.0 ring diameter, six laps, double hair 0.2Ω).

List the next performance data.

Output mode: battery voltage direct output (4.2V ~ 3.2V)
The minimum resistance value supports: 0.08Ω
Maximum output current limit: 46A

Protection: low resistance protection, battery low voltage protection, anti-reverse protection, high current protection, 10S time-out ignition protection, 3 minutes automatic shutdown protection.

Here is to mention the improvement of the nebulizer, DPRO nebulizer after the sale of some players reflect the heating wire and the base is too close to the heat transfer rate too fast, resulting in host/shaft fever serious problems, so CoilART will A PEI gasket was added to the DPRO kit to isolate the heat from the atomizer to the host.

As for the grip, rounded corners with the matte texture, coupled with the comfortable ignition key and the appropriate size, whether it is holding or anti-grip, a grip is excellent.

Actual performance and inquiry


Well, the point of dry goods, and this DPRO133 precisely what is different from another semi-mechanical box? This is to emphasize the concept of the second half of the machinery, and we first installed a protective chip will be pure mechanical output box called semi-mechanical box, and after that there is a potentiometer with the adjustment of the table, also known as the For the semi-mechanical, in fact, this can should be called the pressure box.

Then the name of science over, we come to say that the parallel under such a thing, first of all, this machine is the mechanical battery voltage directly output this point we should have to understand it (that is, automatic rods as the output, but through the protection chip). And then parallel production on behalf of the host on behalf of the output voltage is with the battery maximum power 4.2V step by step attenuation, but the decay rate is, of course, the same type of single-cell half of the battery, which means double life (relative to the same kind of single Electric host).

Then the problem has come, when the battery voltage decay to 3.4V or so, you will feel the output becomes weak, this is no way things, after all, it can bring you the stability of the mechanical equipment output current ah.

This type of host there is one of the most significant benefits, that is simple, the most complex operation, but also even press the five times the ignition key switch machine nothing, no complicated power adjustment, do not care about the resistance value is how much, as long as The coil can be used up.

Zipper personal feel very suitable for novice to use, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble, although the operation of the need to use tapping the tapping the skills, relatively speaking, or very simple.


In general, semi-mechanical boxes are double electric series mode, but the double electrical series of pure semi-mechanical box 8.4V voltage is not everyone can control them, so the zippers feel double the parallel method is more suitable for most people, Both the stability of the output of mechanical rods and rapid, but also a good battery life, simple operation, and security has even been guaranteed.

But not to say that this host is perfect, the battery voltage output on the need for a particular coil database, if the atomizer on their own is not familiar enough, what kind of data is also a little bit of the case, then use this type The host is also very difficult to get a better experience. But also hope that manufacturers can optimize the existing defects.

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